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Preparing for an Interview

Congratulations! You’ve got past the first step, and have been invited for an interview.  We understand you may be feeling nervous, even as Recruiters – we get that feeling too! We’ve put some tips together to help you land your dream job!

Preparing for a job interview in this tough economic climate is vitally important. Gone are the days when you could read a corporate website and bluff your way through an interview.

Companies are demanding higher standards than ever before; putting on a suit will help with your potential employer’s ‘first impression’ of you but the candidate who wins is the one who is polished and prepared.



Look at the organisations website, social media and sites such as LinkedIn.

Know your CV

The interviewer will expect you to answer questions about anything that is written on your CV. Be prepared for any questions they may ask!


The interview is a two-way process, think of some questions you want to ask the company too.


The Interviewer

Find out who you will be meeting and get their full name and job title.  LinkedIn is a great tool to find out more information about the interviewers.

Job description

Think about how your experience would benefit the company and be prepared to give examples.


Ensure you know where the interview is being held, how you are getting there and how long it will take to get there (including traffic).


Your outfit

Making a good first impression can have a big impact. Dress in professional, smart clothing.

Get there early

Timing is essential; better to arrive there 5 to 10 minutes early than to turn up late & give off a bad first impression.



Remember to smile and maintain good eye contact and positive body language throughout.

Be positive

Under no circumstances should you criticise your current/previous employer.


Follow up

It’s important to follow up your interview with an email of thanks and to stress your interest in the role.

Ask for feedback

Regardless of how it went, understanding your own performance in the interview can help you break down what made you stand out or better prepare you for the next one.

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