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Building The Perfect CV

It’s important you make a good first impression with a potential employer, and your CV is often your first point of contact. Your CV needs to have a good mix of giving the right message, looking good and absolutely having no mistakes. Employers and Recruitment companies receive hundreds of CVs every day, and they don’t have a lot of time, so have to decide quickly what CVs make the cut.

According to TheLadders study, your CV has only six seconds to impress. So make sure it has a logical layout where the information is clear; name, current job, previous job, and start and end dates are the main points of interest.

Here are some ways to make your CV stand out for all the right reasons:

Tailor Your CV

We would always recommend you avoid applying for hundreds of jobs, using the same CV. Employers can spot a general and unfocused job application from a mile away, and they are far too common. Tailor your CV to sell your most relevant skills to the particular role you are applying for. Consider what skills the employer might be looking for, and highlight your most relevant experience.

2 in 3 employers have noticed lies in CVs…

Use facts. If you lie on your CV, you’ll get found out. Former CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson was fired in 2012 after it was discovered he embellished his university degree.

Don’t Make Mistakes

Typing errors, poor spelling and grammar mistakes make it seem like you’ve not put the time in, or you don’t think details are important. You want to look professional, so you should present a tidy, mistake-free CV.

According to a study in Adzuna, ‘responsibility, liaise and university and the three most misspelt words on CVs.

Be thorough and double-check your CV before you send it. It’s also a good idea to ask somebody to check it for you, so ask somebody whose English is good and you’re confident in their attention to detail.

Make It Easy To Read

Don’t clutter your CV with too much, irrelevant information. Use shorter paragraphs that are straight to the point – use bullet points if you want. Bullet points and lists can make your CV much easier to read, and makes it easy for employers to scan for key points.

Don’t try and be too clever. If you’re applying or a highly creative role, then a visual approach is likely to be a suitable option. But not if you’re applying for a customer service role. Don’t mix up your fonts for visual effect, this makes it look messy and disorganised.

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