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Industry and Economic insight from the THOMAS Recruitment Group

The Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented health crisis – uncharted territory.

Our politicians are making difficult choices about the health of the UK’s population based on unreliable information. The inevitable economic crisis we are encountering is not totally unprecedented however. We can learn from the many global financial crashes of the 20th and 21st century. And so, our leaders – although still making difficult choices, have an economic crisis ‘blueprint’ and a range of considered measures they can follow.

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It’s interesting to us, that unlike the 2008 recession – where companies didn’t have funds to recruit – the Coronavirus crisis means that employers may be struggling to recruit but only
due to lock-down restrictions. At present, agency workers are being engaged to meet the challenges of the pandemic – covering for those sick or in isolation and adding to existing workforce to keep up with surge in demand. Our view is that once economic recovery begins, employers will be understandably resistant to employing permanent staff members, and agency workers will be the first to be brought in to fill any demand gaps. The recruitment sector is strong, resilient and adaptable. We believe that by the middle of June we will see the materialisation of huge, positive changes in the industry and significant changes in policies, technology, recruitment strategies and remote working.

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We know business continuity is important, more now than ever. Whether it’s to support demand, sickness or holiday – we have an active temporary workforce on hand. We’re here when you need us.

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